About Us

Hello and welcome to 1StepSuccess.com.

Our aim is to provide you with cutting edge tools and information to help you make the changes you want and make you ready to succeed in every endeavor you set your mind upon.
To achieve our purpose, we utilize cutting-edge technology.

This site includes articles, web applications, home-study courses, audio material and information to help you achieve your goals and lead a happier, fulfilling life. We also harvest for you the best of the best techniques available world-wide:

  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • Family Therapy (Virginia Satir, Jay Haley etc.)
  • Behavioural Kinesiology (John Diamond)
  • Brain Gym (Paul E. Dennison)
  • Rational Emotive Therapy (Albert Ellis)
  • Techniques from other psychological research and practice
  • HeartMath – applications of stress control in school, home and business
  • …and many more…

We do not put people and ourselves in a box nor do we promote any system. We are interested in gathering for you anything that we know produces the best results. We take the jargon out, as much as possible. Then, we give you a powerful combination of tools, and we teach you how to use them wisely, to achieve step-by-step the changes you desire.

Our mission is to provide information to support individuals (even in hinterlands) and companies in creating the success they always dreamed of and achieving their fullest potential and beyond!

We are currently small (in number) but very passionate and dedicated to bring the best to people. What makes us happy is to see more and more people becoming happier, more prosperous and enjoying anything they do (even if they just “have to”).

Our Values

1StepSuccess.com motivates, inspires and leads people to make the changes they want in life in easy steps through education and technology. The values we aspire to are integrity, support, honesty, service, growth, continuous learning, exceptional quality, excellence and enjoyment of creativity.

Our Beliefs

We believe that changing people happens fast and has lifetime lasting effects, when the process is customized to individual needs. For this reason we have a preference for short-term therapy methods (like NLP) and we do not limit our resources by favouring one approach over others.

The Company

1StepSuccess.com is owned by MetaMorphosis Human Relations Consultancy Ltd. The company is based in 6 Kyrillou Loukareos Street, 114 71, Athens, Greece. It was founded on May 2009.
Although MetaMorphosis is a new company, it combines the experience and expertise of Epimorfotiki Simvouleftiki S.A. an educational and publishing company with a successful presence in Greece since 1989.
Companies, though, directly are related to the people who are members, who advise and support them. So, some of us have experience, some have more experience and some are very experienced. Feel free to read our short CVs further.

With love and many warm wishes for endless success!

Dimitris Boukas
Founder and Director of MetaMorphosis Human Relations Consultancy Ltd.