Dimitris Th. Boukas

dimitrios2-1Dimitris Boukas holds an MSc in Cognitive and Decision Sciences from UCL (University College London), a BSc in Psychology and a minor in Computer Science from University of Laverne California. He has also studied selectively areas of modern Applied Psychology and especially NLP (with Richard Bandler, John Grinder and other trainers). He is a certified NLP Trainer. His experience includes working with young adults and families, being a facilitator via artful metaphors in workshops on psychological issues, and sound engineer in seminars. He is a co-author of books for students, teachers and the general public. Dimitris is the founder of MetaMorphosis Human Relations Consultancy Ltd. and

He is a co-author of the first original Greek book on NLP. He is actively attending the evolutions in the field of Counseling Psychology and is applying its methods with understanding and humor. Besides Psychology, his interests include computers, business development, computer graphics design, video and sound engineering.

Theofanis D. Boukas

theofanis2-3Theofanis Boukas was trained as a teacher in Maraslios Educational Academy, Athens, Greece, and also studied Psychology in Germany and Theology at the University of Athens. His experience includes service as an elementary school teacher and also work as a counsellor-psychologist in a school for children with special needs. He was the creator of “Parents” magazine, the first magazine for parents and families in Greece, and also operated a School for Training Parents and a Psychology Club, since 1975. He held a private counselling practice in Athens, Greece, for over 38 years.

He is co-founder of “Epimorfotiki Simvouleftiki S.A.” an educational and publishing company based in Athens. He has been teaching seminars for parents, educators, couples and people interested in self-development, in Greece and Cyprus, since 1976. He has produced and delivered more than 140 titles of seminars.