Personal Coaching

  • Do you find your life at a cross-road?
  • Are, your personal relationships faced with difficulties, obstacles and frustrations?
  • Do you see life as confusing and difficult?
  • Do you listen other peoples opinions, which prove to be more confusing and misleading?
  • Is there an emotional distress (fear, worry, anxiety, stress) that inhibits you from taking action and succeeding?

Coaching with a psychologist using scientific approaches and methods can help you become clearer on what is important oi your life and set realistic goals, as well as a well-defined plan on how to achieve them.

Issues coaching with us can help you with:

  • To be clear on you relationships – what you do want and what you don’t want from them.
  • To deal with issues in your personal, professional and family life
  • Handle issues related to marital problems
  • To make an important decision
  • To increase your self-confidence and self-esteem
  • To be assertive in the most productive way
  • Overcome fears, phobias, worries…

What can you achieve with coaching?

To identify thoughts and feelings and direct them in the way you want.
Many times thoughts and feelings can be disturbing and we refuse to deal with them. Nevertheless, they exist! The role of feelings is to signal to us that things are as we want them to be or that there is a problem. Thoughts and feelings determine our decisions and actions
If we leave those feelings and emotions run the “bus” of our lives by themselves, we might end up with weird results.
On the other hand, if we know how to recognize and handle them, we become the drivers of the “bus” and we get to where we want to go. That is, we can materialize our goals and dreams!

Coaching sessions

Personal          Families           Teams

How do sessions work?

They can be arranged based on what is needed and the idiosyncratic aspects of each person’s situation.
Typically, they are scheduled once a week and they last for 50 minutes. The number of sessions required depends on the issue to be addressed. They can happen ot the office, through the phone or online (e.g. skype sessions or other online way).

1st Session

It is a very important session where the person explains the issue he or she wants to deal with. The coach / psychotherapist askes specific questions targeted to clarify the sources of the problem. Then, the coach and coachee agree on the targets to be met. To coach creates an “action plan”, what needs to happen and when, for the targets to be achieved. This “action plan” determines and number of sessions and what the coaching program will involve.